February 26, 2020
4600 Gulf Fwy

The Public Prayer Vigil was CANCELED because of concerns around the coronavirus! Details and follow up coming later this week!

As of March 22, 40 Days for Life International sent out a letter officially canceling the PUBLIC VIGIL aspect of the 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns around the world. You are still able to pray from home.

It is a sad reality that Planned Parenthood is still open.

However, Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order that is calling for all elective procedures to stop or be postponed until after April 21st. Abortions are considered elective procedures.

So no elective procedures (including abortions) should be done in Texas through at least April 21st. Otherwise there is a fine and potentially jail time in place.

What is 40 Days for Life?

Houston Coalition for Life and the Office of Pro-Life Activities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston team up to co-sponsor the 40 Days for Life in Houston outside of the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere! During this prayer campaign we focus on prayer and fasting, peaceful Vigil, and community outreach. (Because of Covid-19, we now encourage you to focus on the prayer and fasting aspect from home.)

Under normal circumstances, we aim to maintain a prayer presence 6 days a week Mon-Friday 6am-6pm and 6am-3pm on Saturdays.

During this prayer campaign, we encourage you to come to the sidewalk to pray for one hour.

If you would like to lead a group to come pray and cover several hours or an entire day of prayer, please contact Clare@houstoncoalition.com

See a Printable Flier in English 
See a Printable Flier in Spanish

PARKING: Please Parallel park along Gulf Crest. Do NOT park in Planned Parenthood's parking lot


It is a sad reality that Planned Parenthood is still open.

Some might ask can if they can still come pray outside of 40 Days for Life? If you do, please take precautionary measures.

If people want to come out to pray at the vigil site (the sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood of I45), we ask participants to spread themselves out along the sidewalk (not in the driveway) and no physical interactions. You can be polite by waving from a distance, but it is important to focus on prayer. Let God handle the rest!

We do NOT encourage group prayer nor group travel at this time.

We understand if you want to cancel your group.  No one should feel guilty for canceling their group.  Prudence is what allows us to keep this mission moving forward!  

We don't want to be so concerned for the unborn and their pregnant mothers, that we neglect concern for those who, because of age or health issues, would be seriously affected by Covid-19.

We encourage people to pray from home (in addition or instead of coming to the sidewalk). Contact Theresa@houstoncoalition.com to let us know you plan pray from home. We do plan to put out numbers at the end of the 40 Days for Life that include those who let me know they commit to praying for an end to abortion from home (or where they are NOT at the vigil site). Typically we don't include those numbers in our concluding email

BASIC RULES for participating in 40 Days for Life outside of Planned Parenthood on I45 in Houston.

(1) Please sign a Statement of Peace  and either give it to your "Day Captain" or submit it to Clare@houstoncoalition.com

Click here for Statement of Peace in English

Click here for Promesa de Paz in Espanol

(2) Do not park or walk on Planned Parenthood Property or any other private property.

(3) If anyone approaches you, respond with the love of Christ.

(4) If you want to hold a sign please do NOT use graphic signs and during this prayer campaign please only use 40 Days for Life Signs. These can be provided at no cost to you by Houston Coalition for Life if you request them in advance.

(5) Please focus on staying in a mode of prayer while you are out there.

(6) Please remember to follow the Archdiocesan guidelines for prayer at an abortion facility: www.archgh.org/prolife

(7) If you want to sidewalk counsel PLEASE schedule a short free training by contacting Theresa@houstonCoalition.org or Julie at 713-741-8728

We ask all participants to please sign a Statement of Peace for this campaign because it is a unique time that we formally co-sponsor with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. If you sign it in the spring, it will account for most prayer activities for the year until the next Spring campaign.

For more information please contact Clare, Program Director at Houston Coalition for Life: 713-395-1330

or Julie, Director of the Office of Pro-Life Activities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston: 713-741-8728

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