October 25, 2019
Sign the petition at the bottom of this page to urge the University of Houston to cancel this course!

On November 1st, two employees from Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast - Tram Nguyen (Director of Abortion Services) and Samantha Rodriguez (Medical Education Coordinator) - will be teaching a course about abortion at the University of Houston. Participants who attend this course, offered by the School of Social Work Continuing Education Program, will receive 4 CEU's including 1 ethics CEU.

The course is titled, "Abortion: A Person's Right to Choose" and the summary claims that, "This course will educate practicing clinicians on providing unbiased pregnancy options counseling and resources to their clients." However the only option listed for discussion is abortion.

Houstonians locally and Alumni abroad are disgusted and horrified that at a highly reputable Graduate Program at UH would allow a class by

Planned Parenthood:

  • The source of death of 1/3 of their students' peers back in the 90's.
  • The cause of the spread of devastation of Post-Abortion Syndrome TODAY!
  • The abortion facility is being investigated by the State of Texas for illegally CHANGING the abortion procedure and illegally increasing "streams of revenue" through harvesting baby body parts for research.

That Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast staff would be part of a program that gives CEU's for teaching about anything - especially an ETHICS credit for teaching justifications for ABORTION to FUTURE COUNSELORS -is simply appalling.

We ask you sign this petition urging the President of UH, the Academic Dean, and the coordinator of this class to CANCEL this course.

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