40 Days for Life...Vigil Canceled...prayer continues!

As of March 22, 40 Days for Life International sent out a letter officially canceling the PUBLIC VIGIL aspect of the 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns around the world. You are still able to
pray from home.

It is a sad reality that Planned Parenthood is still open.

However, Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order that is calling for all elective procedures to stop or be postponed until after April 21st. Abortions are considered elective procedures.

So no elective procedures (including abortions) should be done in Texas through at least April 21st. Otherwise there is a fine and potentially jail time in place.

What is 40 Days for Life?
During this Spring 40 Days for Life, Houston Coalition for Life is uniting with the Office of Pro-Life Activities of the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston in leading this peaceful prayer campaign for an end to abortion. The prayer campaign  lasts from Feb 26 - April 5, 2020! 

To find out more information on this legal, peaceful, prayerful event, contact:
Clare Houston Coalition for Life: 713-395-1330

Also you can sign up through the 40 Days for Life calendar!

If you to be counted among those praying from home, please contact Theresa@houstoncoalition.com

Some people will still be coming out to pray individually, separate from 40 Days for Life. Since our city is not undergoing a "stay in place order," we ask you to please spread yourself and not pray in groups. And sign the Statement of Peace and email it to Clare@houstoncoalition.com

Leadership Letter of INtroduction

Forms for 2020 Spring 40 Days for Life!

Year-round join us in a peaceful, prayerful presence...

The most vulnerable among us are innocent, defenseless unborn human beings. These babies have no voice. Their pain, their anguish and their cries are silent. They depend on us to SPEAK UP! They depend on us to ACT in defense of their lives.

This is a unique opportunity to share the pro-life message up to the last possible moment with those entering the Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Get involved year round in 40 Churches for 40 Days and other prayer vigils by staying up to date with our calendar and Facebook.

Download a Flyer

We know that Stand & Pray works to end abortion in Houston because of these facts:

  1. 1. Prayer works.
  2. 2. Stand & Pray brings attention to the injustice of abortion and the agenda of Planned Parenthood. When Christians begin to consistently Stand & Pray, the public soon realizes that something bad is going on inside those facilities.
  3. 3. Planned Parenthood's employees like to think that the community supports what they do. If nobody is present to object to their deadly agenda they can rationalize their practice. The prayerful presence forces them to realize every day that the community is overwhelmingly opposed to their agenda.
  4. 4. People do not want to receive their healthcare from a place that is controversial. A consistent presence in prayer outside Planned Parenthood will increase the dissatisfaction rate among its clientele making it difficult to maintain customers.
  5. 5. Babies are saved from abortion when people Stand & Pray at Planned Parenthood!
  6. 6. Abortion workers have left the abortion industry when they see pro-lifers as a safety net of hope, that they can quit! Many become actively pro-life (like Abby Johnson who was planning to work at Planned Parenthood in Houston)! 
  7. 7. Hearts are converted! The mothers and fathers of unborn children often have a conversion of heart when they see people praying at abortion facilities.

5 Key Reasons To Come Pray Outside of the Abortion Facilities!

  • 1. Most of the women going in are Christian. Your calm, silent prayerful stance (where she can see you) reminds her of all she was taught about God during her life.
  • 2. Many women feel trapped and feel like no one cares.  If you are standing there, she knows people care and she can come to you for help. (Also you can direct her to the Big Blue Bus for assistance.)
  • 3. We stand there for the babies. We showed up for them - spiritually adopting them.  We did not abandon them even if everyone else does.

  • 4. We are a witness to the clinic workers and to a society that tries to normalize abortion.  We remind them by our presence that the deliberate ending of an innocent child is not normal and never can be.  We stand, non-confrontational and not condemning, but simply and honestly as a witness to the dignity of every human life which is created in the image and likeness of God.  (Houston Coalition for Life can direct them to the ATTWN, a program that assists workers in coming out of the abortion industry.)
  • 5. We open up ourselves to God, fulfilling all the spiritual works of mercy.  God uses this time to strengthen us and give us a sense of trust and peace that we cannot experience anywhere else.

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Join us at our weekly Prayer Vigils at the Planned Parenthood "Prevention Park"


7AM-12:00 PM

The address is: 
4600 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX 77023

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